If you click on the image below you can play with BasketCase. 
It's not useful, but it's Thursday night and I had nothing better to do. The original code is from kyeah, thanks.
It's a work in progress project. So in a couple of weeks, there will be more Green Day's songs 💁‍♀️
I'm not worried about legibility because the main purpose of the program is painting with words and create a new visual representation of the original text.
In version 2.0 >> new font mister_pixel << A pixel font with custom icons.
Working on: basic UI implementation (font size, input custom text, save as png).
More information about Concrete Poetry
Thank you for reaching the bottom of the page. 
This is an example of generative code. It uses javascript and the p5.js library. I like teaching these nerdy things because they open the mind to many possibilities.

Final output

Developing a curious mind is an artistic act and the song I chose reminds me of a time when everything was art and everything was political at the same time. 

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